Theo Joyner is a senior consultant with RGMA who brings more than 25 years of professional management and management consulting experience to the team. A graduate of Tennessee State University in Nashville, Mr. Joyner holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting.  Mr. Joyner specializes in assisting small businesses with capacity building by developing business plans, strategic plans loan packages and marketing plans, and implementing internal accounting systems. As a senior consultant with RGMA he has provided this assistance to more than 3000 companies through various public-sector programs. Mr. Joyner is also a skilled presentation leader. He has participated in numerous workshops in which he has given presentation on various business and financial topics. Outside the business world, Mr. Joyner is active in several programs that encourage career development and entrepreneurship. He’s served as a volunteer teacher/consultant for the Junior Achievement Project Business Program, a mentor for Columbia College’s Career Beginnings Program and a telethon volunteer for the United Negro College Fund.