Monica Jimenez is the First Deputy Procurement Officer for the City of Chicago’s Department of Procurement Services (DPS) since August 2018. DPS is responsible for the management of nearly $2 billion annually in goods and services for the City of Chicago. DPS has worked to implement the transformation of City procurement. The transformation includes reform efforts, such as increased transparency, procurement modernization and new programs designed to strengthen the City’s small, minority and women owned business community. In her prior roles as Deputy Commissioner of Compliance, Ms. Jimenez was been instrumental in developing process improvements and transparency initiatives to ensure that the contracting compliance process is streamlined for the vendor community and is leading the effort to ensure that vendors are honoring their obligations to Chicago’s taxpayers. Prior to her role in the Compliance Division, Ms. Jimenez has worked in all facets of the procurement department, including contract administration and certification activities, including managing the processing of MBE, WBE, DBE, ACDBE and BEPD certifications. In her 20+ year tenure at the City of Chicago, she has always maintained a passion for community outreach, and has actively participated in events and initiatives to educate citizens and the business population on how to participate in City government.