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9:30 AM

12:50 PM

Doing Well By Doing Good

Suzana Meza, Wintrust

Cecilia Abundis, Illinois Dept. of Financial Regulation

Seth Green, Loyola University

Eve Rodriguez Montoya, Rodriguez Media Communications

Alex Hernández, Moderator, Univision Chicago

Carlos Calderón, Empresario y Presentador, Univision

9:45 AM


Juan Salgado, City Colleges of Chicago

10:00 AM

Show Me the Money

Antonio Guillen, Wintrust

Jennifer O´Shea, Discover

Adela Cepeda, PFM

Martin Cabrera, Cabrera Capitol

Manny Flores, Sommercor

Veronica Largacha, US Bank

Enrique Rodriguez, Moderator, Univision Chicago

10:50 AM

Telling Your Story

Arabel Alva Rosales, AAR

Patricia Aguilar, Four Star Branding

Oscar Ibarra, Facebook

Edna Uribe, Univision Chicago

Aileen Ocaña, Moderator, Univision Chicago

11:40 AM

The Future of Work and Learning

Jaime DiPaulo, IHCC

Olga Camargo, Faro Associates

Eric Lugo, City Colleges of Chicago

Veronica Aguilar, WBC

Erika Maldonado, Moderator, Univision Chicago

12:25 PM

La Unión Hace la Fuerza

Carlos Calderon, Empresario y Presentador


1:40 PM

The Time is Now

Claudia Edelman Romo


Leveraging Facebook to Drive Business Growth

12:00 PM



9:40 AM

Ins and Outs of Doing Buisness with Government

Robert Steiner and Rey Rivero, IHCC

10:25 AM

Strategies to Develop Opportunities in Construction

Juan Calahorrano, HACIA

11:10 AM

Labor and Employment Laws

Homero Tristan, IHCC

11:55 AM

Licensing and Operating in the State Illinois

Cecilia Abundis and Mario Treto, Illinois Dept. of Financial Regulation

12:40 PM

Strategies for Growth

Roberto Carmona, IHCC

1:25 PM

Access to Credit

Chase Rehwinkel, State of Illinois

2:10 PM

Maravillosas Inversiones en el Network Marketing

Ronoldo Reyes, Business Investment Corporation


9:40 AM

¿Cómo Empezar Mi Propio Negocio?

Blanca Berthier, WBDC

11:30 AM

Access to Capital

Elvin Rodríguez and Yesenia Díaz de León, Accion

12:25 PM

How to Obtain a Small Business Loan with an ITIN

Cynthia Valle and Román Ruiz, Second Federal

1:20 PM

How to Start Your Business

Joni Fernández, US Bank

2:15 PM

Strategies to Maximize your online Strategies

Lisandra Martinez, WBDC


9:40 AM

Building your Business/Startup in Chicago

Liana Bran, Phil Coleman and Kristina Covarrubias, 1871

10:35 AM

Resources Available to Start , Scale and Grow your Business in Chicago 

Kendra Thomas, Chicago Dept. of Business Regulation

11:30 AM

Buenas Practicas para un Negocio Exitoso

Alicia Espinosa, Mujeres Latinas en Acción

12:25 PM

Business Licensing 101

Esau Orduno

1:20 PM

I Want to BE a DBE...Now what?

Theo Joyner, IDOT

2:15 PM

Bilingual Entrepreneurship Program

Juan Saldaña, Little Village Chamber of Commerce

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